A solution to help you manage your cold rooms more effectively by:

1. Sending you alerts when something goes wrong, and

2. By allowing you to view your temperatures from anywhere at anytime.

Cold Storage Temperature Graphing

Improved load management

Being able to visualise your data better allows you to manage your cold room’s load better.


Better defrost scheduling

Ensure that your rooms are defrosting at the correct time of day and for long enough.


Anywhere access

Access your data from anywhere via the web or our mobile app.



Set alarms which can SMS you when something goes wrong.


Export to Excel

Export your data to Excel at any point in time and perform further analysis on it.


No backups

We store our data in a secure cloud which means you do not have to worry about backing your data up.


220V Powered

Solar Powered

Solar powered

Backup Battery

Backup battery

IP65 Rated Enclosure

Weather resistant


Pole or wall mountable


GPRS connectivity

How does it work?

How Agri Apps works

  1. We install a small temperature probe inside your cold room as well as a GPRS based data logger on the outside of the cold room.
  2. Together they take temperature readings every 5 to 60 minutes which are saved on the data logger’s SD card.
  3. The data logger then sends the readings to the Agri Apps cloud which ensures that your data is securely stored.
  4. The data is now available to you on your Web or Mobile app at any time no matter where you are.
  5. The system also allows you to set high and low temperature alarms which will SMS you when/if triggered.

Sounds great?

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